Achieve exposure quickly with a start up PR agency

If you’re a start-up seeking to make exceptional new connections with leading journalists and win the attention of more customers, a start-up PR agency can provide the solution. There are many PR agencies that specialise in serving start-ups, but it’s vital to choose one that has the experience, resources and track record to back up their claims. Let’s take a look at what a quality start-up PR agency can do for you right now. 

Create the right connections

When you work with a leading PR agency for start-ups, you can make fantastic connections with social media specialists and experienced journalists who can help you excel online. The best start-up PR agencies can create engaging, valuable content for you and get it noticed by the most important people and publishers. Your PR agency can help you whether you have your own content ready to go, need a professional writer to add an extra touch of magic or need to start from scratch. 

Distributing your content 

No matter how engaging and exciting your press releases and other content are, they aren’t going to do much for your business if nobody is seeing them. Your start-up agency can ensure your press releases feature on all the main and most suitable press release distribution networks, also getting your content on the right social media channels. A quality start-up PR agency will only use white-hat techniques when it comes to improving your search performance. There shouldn’t be any spammy links to worry about, and they will only aim for quality backlinks that help you build authority on search platforms like Google. 

How will I know how well my campaign is performing?

You should expect your start-up PR agency to provide you with reports so you can see how well your campaign is faring. This ensures you can see what you’re getting for the money you have invested. Your agency should be able to get your press releases out to thousands of journalists, publishers and bloggers based in your niche, and it may even be possible to get your story featured on Google News if it is deemed newsworthy enough. 

Content marketing for start-ups

The search giants love valuable fresh content and frequently reward sites for it with high rankings. However, creating such a large amount of content can be difficult even if you do have great writing skills. Penning great content can draw you away from your core business tasks, which is why it’s such a great idea to outsource this to talented individuals who know the best ways to speak to your target audience. Providing your audience with great content is a fantastic way to build long-term brand loyalty and encourage them to return to you whenever they need your products and services. 

Valuable, informative content

The right start-up PR agency will be able to craft engaging, persuasive and informative content on your behalf so you can focus on what you do best. Not all of your content needs to be ‘salesy’. You can also post content that comes in the form of opinion pieces about the latest developments in your industry. This can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field and enhance your credibility remarkably. 

What other kinds of content can I publish online? 

Blogs, web pages and press releases are the most common forms of content published by businesses, but there are many other forms of content you can create to inspire your audience. These can include informative e-books and guides, articles, white papers and even videos. Educating your audience is a great way to build a diverse, ever-growing customer network when you’re in the process of establishing your business as a long term enterprise. 

What other services may my start-up be offered?

Social media ads have become incredibly efficient in driving sales over the years, as have PPC ads. A reputable start-up PR agency will help you grow your audience not only through blogs and press releases but via social media activity too, engaging with your followers and potential customers on sites like Facebook so you can keep the conversation going and become a daily presence in their lives. These are just some of the other services that may be available to you.

How PR Fire can help

At PR Fire, we are here to help if you’re ready to create much more exposure you’re your brand. You can reach us today by sending a message to  or by calling on +44 (0) 161 738 1089. You can also contact us via the website