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Wellbeing conference LOOP Summit reveals packed programme led by authors, experts and pioneers

Press Release: October 06, 2021

LOOP Summit - the corporate conference hosted by employee wellbeing platform Wellbees - has revealed a star-studded roster of speakers for the event’s third edition this month.  
Taking place every Thursday throughout October, the free-to-access conference will be hosted online and focus on the theme of “wellbeing experience”. 
Across the programme, viewers will be treated to speeches from the likes of Muhtar Kent (retired Chairman and CEO of Coca Cola Company); Julia Hobsbawm (founder of The Social Capital Network); Elif Shafak (novelist and writer); Jane McGonigal (author and game designer); and Giovanni Guidetti (Head Coach of the Turkey Women's Volleyball team).
The conference will explore how the pandemic has forced companies to reconsider their wellbeing activities, with Human Resources professionals increasingly turning to platforms that can deliver the “office” and its perks to the homes of employees for a successful hybrid working model. 
The first week of LOOP will take place on October 7, with the theme of “Productivity x Wellbeing” starring Muhtar Kent (ex-Coca-Cola Chairman); Sesil Pir (Head of Employee Experience at Takeda); and Natal Dank (author and pioneer in the Agile HR Movement).
English entrepreneur Julia Hobsbawm will kick-off the "Team Management x Wellbeing" theme on October 14 and will be joined by speakers Giovanni Guidetti (Head Coach Turkey Women’s Volleyball), Elif Shafak (novelist), Liz Fosslien (Head of Content at Humu) and Alex Pattakos (co-founder of Global Meaning Institute). 
October 21 will feature an “Engagement x Wellbeing” theme starring Ben Wigert (Director of Research & Strategy at Gallup) and Scott Dinwiddie (Director of Client Success). 
The final session on October 28 - “Rewards x Wellbeing” - will feature keynote speakers Jane McGonigal (American author and game designer) and Janet Mertens (Research Director at Josh Bersin Academy). 
In addition to keynotes, LOOP Summit will host workshops and various collaborative sessions across its four-week programme. 
You can register for the event for free right now via: loopsummit.com 
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Wellbees: About the Employee Wellbeing Platform: 
Wellbees, a B2B SAAS product, is an employee wellbeing platform used by more than 70,000 people at 27 companies across 10 different nations. 
A mobile application that offers a personal journey for its users, Wellbees handles everything related to employee wellbeing from a single platform - saving about 80% of time and budget usually spent on the HR department. 
Through its stellar events programmes, Wellbees also creates awareness of strong wellbeing practices, teaches users new habits and provides measurable results. 
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