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The small London agency winning some of the biggest UK accounts

Press Release: July 19, 2022

Founded in 2017, Osaka Labs is a London based digital agency that operates very differently to what you might expect.

A (very) vocal spokesperson against the convoluted and often deceptive practices of the marketing industry, Sam Gormley created Osaka Labs so that he could provide his clients with unique and adaptive strategies, transparent metrics, forward thinking business practices and second-to-none client management. 

And it works. For a small agency of less than 20 staff, they are incredibly capable and effective at winning and maintaining relationships with some of the biggest UK brands. 

Some of their most recent wins include the globally recognised musical brand Yamaha Music Europe GmbH and industry heavyweight (and quintessentially British retailers), Fortnum & Mason

These recent wins are added to their already incredible portfolio of brands including Pedigree Dog Food, Dreamies Cat Food, THIS, Yazoo and Wrigley’s Extra.

Sam believes that as a whole marketing agencies should be sharing more data, as well as educating their clients on what that data actually means. His concept, “take data out of the dark” explains Osaka Labs’ move to place data science into a more digestible format for brands so that it’s not left in the realm of science, but useful for marketers and creatives too.

When it comes to sharing data, the statistics surrounding their own success certainly don’t lie. Osaka Labs have experienced year-on-year growth since their inception in 2017, with 2022 already proving to be their biggest year yet. With their recent domination in the client acquisition space (more announcements to come), Osaka Labs are being pinned as ’the’ agency to watch.

Osaka Lab’s transparent ‘client first’ approach requires a lot more effort from the marketing team, but Sam believes it all comes down to mutual respect and doing the right thing by your clients. 

He explains, “I believe that the marketing industry is broken. For too long, corporates have been sitting behind confusing jargon and ‘set and forget’ campaigns that clients felt confused by or had no real control over. At Osaka Labs, we believe that by educating our clients on the digital marketing space, allowing them to work with us in real time and then adjusting our work accordingly, we not only achieve a better result, but our client’s truly come to value the work we provide as they understand it and see genuine results.”

In an industry which thrives on change and competition, Osaka Labs are committed to carving a new way forward and shifting the industry and the results so far are speaking for themselves.

For further information on Osaka Labs or to speak with Sam Gormley, please contact The Atticism PR.

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