Home Taking a vacation this summer can be a great stress-reliever – EZVIZ has some great tech to safeguard your home while you're out chilling

Taking a vacation this summer can be a great stress-reliever – EZVIZ has some great tech to safeguard your home while you're out chilling

Press Release: June 30, 2022

After a year of hectic life and work-from-home stress, summer is finally here and it’s time for the long-awaited vacation season. For most of Europe, this will be the first summer since 2019 that people can travel without restrictions, and airline passenger numbers are expected to jump up tremendously. As you prepare to pack up your things and get the family ready for the excitement – along with the crowds and chaos – remember to make your home as safe as a castle while you’re away.
On vacation, It’s natural to worry about missing important deliveries or suspicious trespassers taking advantage of your absence to target your home. If you can’t take the pets with you, you may also have friends stopping by to feed the cat or walk the dog. With all of this on your mind, the sunshine and the beach become less relaxing. Fortunately, after serving millions of European families who are outdoor explorers and tech lovers, EZVIZ has a list of smart home security gadgets that can help relieve your anxiety, providing reliable protection and facilitating remote communications.

Always keep an eye on your front door 
When a postman drops off a delivery at your door step, you will naturally want to know if the package is handled properly and placed safely. Also, if someone is spotted lingering around suspiciously, you may want to video it and warn them to leave. The EZVIZ DB2 Battery Doorbell records everything that happens at your doorstep in 2K resolution, and sends you real-time human-detection alerts. With its 176-degree ultra-wide viewing angle, you can easily view the entire entrance to your home with virtually no blind spots, seeing people from head to toe. Even if you’re thousands of miles away, you can use the two-way talk feature to respond to any visitors, including asking the postman to leave your package in a certain spot. 

Last-minute security enhancement before the big trip
Rushing to get out of the house and have no time left to schedule professional help for complex wiring? Don’t worry! The EZVIZ eLife (BC1C) Battery Camera has you covered. Wi-Fi-enabled with a large rechargeable battery, it gets installed in a breeze and delivers trusted security with support from 2K+ video, smart human detection, color night vision, active defense, two-way audio, and more. Thanks to its weatherproof enclosure, you can set the camera up anywhere around your house. No matter how long your vacation is, the eLife helps provide you that comforting sense of protection, as it can operate uninterrupted for up to 210 days on a single charge. 

Protect your property without no blind areas
The backyard and garage are often the areas where you want extra security to prevent trespassing. Motorized to get 360-degree panoramic views in 2K clarity, the EZVIZ C8W Pro Outdoor Pan & Tilt Camera can go under the eaves or on the outer wall to provide well-rounded protection. With its on-board AI algorithm, the C8W Pro can send you smart notifications on moving cars and people, and can even rotate to track a person walking by and record the whole activity. It provides automated active defense, too. When someone is detected, the camera will automatically set off a loud siren and flash bright spotlights to let them know they have been detected.

Give the impression you never left
An old-school but very effective trick to keep your house safe is pretending someone is still home. Combining a remotely adjustable wall light and a 4 MP security camera, the EZVIZ LC3 can be a perfect choice for this tactic. Switch this 2-in-1 wall-light camera on to light up your patios or hallways with one tap on your EZVIZ app, or simply set it on a repeating time schedule. Beyond that, its AI-powered human detection feature will alert you the moment when someone enters the watched area. What’s better, even if you forget to turn the light on after the sun goes down, the LC3 can activate the lighting automatically upon person detection. 

Be there for your family regardless of your location
For parents who want to take a break from kids, or those who simply can’t take their furry friends on a flight, they can still know how everyone’s doing at home with the help of the EZVIZ C6 Indoor AI Camera. This pan & tilt camera is smart enough to cover the whole room while detecting and tracking people and pets. It also allows easy, remote communications. Parents can get the live view and initiate a two-way conversation anytime. Kids, babysitters or grandparents can also simply wave at the camera to send a video call to the parents’ phone to let me know they’re missed or needed.

Established in 2013, EZVIZ has made its name known for providing simple, smart and reliable security products in more than 130 countries for 80,000,000 happy users. With its flexible product offerings that suit homes at any budget, EZVIZ helps families create their own home security system in an easy, effortless way. 

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