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SODA Makeup and Disney’s Frozen II collaborate on magical new makeup collection

Press Release: November 29, 2021

  • SODA Makeup announces latest collaborations with Disney’s Frozen II and The Little Mermaid.
  • The cruelty free brand aims to inspire creativity in a safe, non-judgemental zone.
  • #exploretheocean and #showyourself with these magical new ranges.
The latest collaboration between SODA Makeup and Disney’s hit franchise, Frozen II brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘perfect match’!

Together with the love and magic of Disney, SODA has created two stunning works of art in their latest collections: Frozen II and The Little Mermaid. Brought to life using the highest quality products, these sparkling ranges will help you along on your creative makeup adventures. Travel to the golden, autumn leaf-speckled forests of Arendelle with Anna. Then, you’ll land up among the white-capped mountains of Elsa’s Winter Castle, with cool-toned snowflake-inspired shades fit for an ice queen! The Frozen II range comprises a selection of pressed and liquid highlighters;  a highly-pigmented eyeshadow palette, featuring both warm and cool tones; pressed shimmers and volumizing mascara, among other products. 

Then, take your journey deep beneath the ocean’s surface in Ariel’s underwater kingdom, with a wide, colorful selection of shades, textures and pigments fit to help you #exploretheocean. Featuring a rosy liquid cheek stain, long-wearing eye pencils, glittery lip gloss and a face palette, this underwater range is bound to tick all your boxes! 

The products are designed to uplift the wearer, allowing you to fly high among the rainbow-tinted skies. SODA’s warm embrace of creativity offers a safe zone where you can showcase your artistic experimentation to the world. 

As bright and eye-catching as their adjacent films, and long-lasting as an ancient kingdom, these Disney collections aim to inspire you to #showyourself through the art and beauty of makeup.

To find out more about SODA Makeup and Disney’s latest collaborations, visit: https://sodamakeup.com/pages/disney, https://sodamakeup.com/pages/frozen-ii and https://sodamakeup.com/pages/the-little-mermaid.

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