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Siyana Info Solutions Announces Launch of Human Resource Management System SiHrX

Press Release: March 31, 2021

Siyana Info Solutions, a leading provider of technology solutions, announced its new product SiHrX, a human resource management system that provides a fully-featured, integrated payroll and human resource solution.  

SiHrX allows organizations to simplify and streamline their HR processes alongside managing their talent and people. 

It gives the users the ability to swiftly adapt the solution to internal and external changes, employee engagement, and experiences while mitigating the redundant and error-prone processes created by multiple disconnected and stand-alone solutions. 

"As companies face new challenges in finding top talent, it is crucial to have technology in place to serve as one central point of record for employees during  their journey throughout the company while continuously engaging them," said Deven Patel, CEO of Wyoming-based Siyana Info Solutions. 

"Over the past many years, we have provided customized HRMS and CRM solutions for our clients, so we decided to use our deep industry insights and expertise in this technology to create a unique product that would act as a single solution to all the difficulties that organizations face while managing their human capital. SiHrX automates most of the HR-related processes, facilitating self-empowerment of the employees, leading to a highly productive workforce.

"SiHrX is like an orchestra synchronizing various musical elements into a single melodious song, producing a connected workplace by eliminating the silos created by disconnected & redundant processes. It provides the unique interaction and engagement that a vibrant team of professionals requires to succeed while competing at the highest level.

He added: "SiHrX makes day-to-day HR processes including hiring, payroll, and administration more streamlined and accurate while enabling HR staff to focus on more value-adding tasks. The automation of HR-related processes facilitates by SiHrX is essential for creating people-driven organizations, and this type of employee self-empowerment leads to a more productive and happier workforce."
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Siyana Info Solutions is an innovative and renowned iOS and Android mobile application, web & software development company building advanced IT solutions using cutting-edge technologies. Established in 2015, Siyana Designs & Develops custom mobile apps, websites & software to help clients transform, scale, and gain a competitive advantage in their industry. Siyana uses a collaborative, agile, and resourceful model to design and develop mobile apps for iOS and Android that are appreciated for their impeccable design, flawless functionalities, and highly interactive UI/UX. Through multiple office locations in the USA & India, Siyana's skilled team of software engineers provides offshore software development services to startups, mid-size companies & big enterprises across the globe.  

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