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Reliable and Trusted Fingerprinting Services in Canada and USA

Press Release: October 31, 2020

Every person has unique fingerprint. People can change their addresses, names or even their date of birth, but people never can never change their fingerprint.That is what makes fingerprint so important to the RCMP. Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Service (CCRTIS) is a database where People who have a criminal record will have their fingerprints stored and that is searched when a Certified Criminal Records Check is performed.

Fingerprinter is an RCMP Accredited Fingerprinting Agency in Canada and USA to provide fingerprint based Certified Criminal Record Check. Fingerprinter is one of the most reliable, convenient and highly rated fingerprinting services agency in Greater Toronto Area. Fingerprinter offers digital fingerprinting as well as inks and rolls fingerprinting services in Canada and USA. Our professional team successfully capture and submit fingerprints for the Certified Criminal Checks from RCMP. We meet personal and business requirements and ensure that obtaining a certified criminal check report from RCMP is an easy process for all our clients. Fingerprinter has highly trained professional team and many years of experience that is why we understand what is important to our clients. We ensure the highest standards of confidentiality, privacy and security. Our fingerprinting services are the transmission of electronic fingerprints and capture secure fingerprint for immigration applications, citizenship, employment and other verification purposes.

Fingerprinter offers reliable criminal record checks services including police clearance, police certificates, police check and Criminal Background Check for immigration applicants, controlled goods, security clearance, professional licenses, Employment and other civil purposes. Fingerprinter using cutting-edge Live Scan fingerprinting technology for verification of criminal records or criminal record checks in fastest and convenient way.Background checks for employment or pre-employment purposes are very common in Canada, USA and other advanced countries. The most important reason for Canadian employers for employment or pre-employment background checks is to mark any previous criminal history of a job applicant.

Why Choose Fingerprinter

Fingerprinter has helped many companies and people with all their fingerprinting, record suspension, police check and US entry waiver needs. When a person is refused entry, he can apply for a US waiver and be granted access to the border. Fingerprinter handles the obtainment of the RCMP report, documentation, translation and court documents etc. Our fingerprinting services are also focused on Canadians and non-Canadians living abroad and require police background checks from Canada. Today, ensuring identity and security is of the utmost importance in every field, Fingerprinter is capable of performing vulnerable sector electronic checks via FBI criminal record checks and CCRTIS. We have helped and performed background check services for thousands of clients on a global scale. 

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