Home Paper Recycling Bins Launch New Range Of Domestic Recycling Products

Paper Recycling Bins Launch New Range Of Domestic Recycling Products

Press Release: January 12, 2010

The Home Recycle Unit consists of three 18 litre bins mounted above a supporting base unit which contains a 17 litre pull out storage draw (total storage of 71 litres). In order to minimise the distance between manufacturer and distributor, the Home Recycle Unit is produced in the UK. This has the advantage of reducing the Manufacturing Miles travelled and avoids sourcing the product from a low environmentally aware country.

The objective of this exercise is to aim for a product with a lower carbon footprint. From manufacturing site in the UK the their storage and distribution centre is only 34 miles.

Rear facing hand holes allows easy removal of the bins from the base unit. Within the compartments of the base unit there is storage capacity used batteries on the left hand side, and Inkjet Cartridges the right, they can be inserted through holes in the outside panels, whilst an inner panel allows access for emptying the contents.

Acorn Office Accessories designs and vends products taking into account economic, environmental and technical factors.

With so much waste around the world today, offering a range of recycled recycling bins will not only help to allow people see exactly how recycling works but will also encourage to get people to start recycling their used goods. By offering something that is made from recycled materials helps not only to saver the environment but also help to change peoples attitudes towards recycling.

This firm produces products which are manufactured from sustainably sourced materials, which also contain a high percentage of recycled paper fibres.

To minimise 'manufacturing miles' all products are made in the UK. From site of manufacturing to our distribution centre is 99 miles (Chinese Imports typically 11,000 miles)

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