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Next Generation Body Contouring Treatments, available for the 1st time in the UK; Exclusively at the Dr Bob Khanna Clinic

Press Release: March 01, 2022

Body contouring is the largest growing treatment for non-surgical procedures and Dr. Bob Khanna’s clinic, the DrBK Clinic based in Reading, is the first in the UK to have access to the machinery that enables these astounding treatments. These brand-new machines, B-Force and TShape2, offer dramatic results as demonstrated in the incredible before and after pictures below.

Used in combination for optimal results, the synergy between the treatments each machine offers becomes very clear. Together, they provide a non-surgical solution for reducing localised fat, improved skin contour, and toned muscles. Dr. Bob Khanna provides an insight into this technology and the results patients can expect to see from just the first session: What is Body Contouring? Body contouring is aimed at helping to eliminate fat, improve muscle tone, shape areas of the body, improve the contour of the skin (eg. cellulite) and tighten. Nonsurgical lipolysis (ie. fat reduction) commonly employs the use of cold, heat or laser-based devices. Body contouring is very useful in addressing specific areas of the body where weight loss is not effective. Popular target areas of the body include the inner and outer thighs, arms, back, belly, flanks, and buttocks.

About the machines
TShape2 is currently the most advanced body contouring system in the world. It performs body shaping treatments using a combination of low-power lasers, multipolar radiofrequency, endodermic massage with vacuum suction, and microvibration. This combination of technologies targets the skin and fat, helping smooth irregularities on the skin, reduce excess fat and increase lymphatic drainage. Microvibrations are the basic treatment of cellulite and generate movements on the tissue capable of stimulating the dermal receptors whilst the laser and radiofrequency work together to increase the speed of healing, tighten the skin and reduce inflammation and wrinkles.

B-Force is another recent breakthrough in body contouring via technology designed to strengthen and tone muscles and eliminate excess fat cells. The treatment stimulates muscle contractions on a level that was not achievable before with other devices using highintensity electromagnetic field technology. BForce will create an average of 36,000 strong contractions of the muscle fibres; the equivalent of 30 minutes of exercise and 36,000 sit-ups. This heightened stress, forces the muscles to become stronger and more toned. Body contouring treatments such as BForce and TShape2 provide long-lasting results when managed with a good diet and exercise and will result in patients being less reliant on further treatment. Both technologies act on the most difficult imperfections with results comparable to surgical treatments. There is a recommend minimum of six sessions of each machine, a session per week, but this could be up to twelve for optimal results. There is no downtime aside from the treatment areas feeling a little tender, and results will be seen immediately. Before starting a course of body contouring treatment with Dr Bob Khanna, patients must book in for a consultation and assessment. A full assessment is conducted and the appropriate package recommended for optimal results for the full body or isolated areas.

Treatments range from £250 to £500 per session depending on the areas being treated.

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