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Look up, Europe: Brazilian brewery challenges the best of European football

Press Release: June 09, 2021

Through billboards Brazilian beer brand challenges big European teams to face the top talent of the Copa do Nordeste. Daniel Alves and Joel Santana endorse the squad.

An international passion, Brazilian football hit the streets of Europe this past Tuesday, 1 May. Billboards in London set the tone for the EuroLampions challenge. “Are you ready to face the Lampions?”, read the posters installed on two busy avenues of the English capital.

The unprecedented challenge is conceived by Brahma Brazil, official sponsor of the Copa do Nordeste, one of the biggest Brazilian regional tournaments, also known as Lampions League. The plan is to have a match between the top talent of the 2021 Copa do Nordeste and any European giant up for the challenge.

The unprecedented challenge is conceived by Brahma Brazil.

The main European clubs received the official invitation and were challenged through billboards along Archway Road and Cromwell Road. The second one is close to Stamford Bridge, home of the recently crowned European champions. An Open Letter has also featured on the front page of leading national newspapers across nine Brazilian states. South American fans have hyped the challenge and approached the new European Champions through their social channels, backing the potential game.

Football’s most decorated player and three-time European champion, Daniel Alves has accepted the offer to be sports consultant for the match. “I was invited to be this great clash ambassador and I am flattered to promote my country’s game”, said the Brazil international.

Former South Africa national team manager Joel Santana has been appointed football director of the Brazil Northeastern squad. He has issued an ultimatum to the European clubs. “Don’t be afraid of replying to this invitation. Your deadline is the 3rd of June”, he says on the video that went viral on social media and is available on the official YouTube channel of @brahmacerveja.There is no date confirmed for the match yet. All the health and safety requirements will be followed by the game organisers. 

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