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Interview Gold CEO Reviews Challenging Year and Announces 2022 Update

Press Release: December 17, 2021

While vacancy postings are at an all-time high, job seekers need to be ready for new recruitment world. 
Job postings are at an all-time high and show no sign of slowing down according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). 
The unemployment rate has also fallen to 4.2% in the three months to the end of October, all good news for job hunters. 
However, as we move into a post pandemic world in 2022, it is clear the world of recruitment has dramatically changed.
Joe McDermott CEO of Interview Gold, the online interview training system, looks back on a tough year and reviews the challenges of getting back to a new normal. “The way we recruited for jobs prior pandemic will not return for some time. Not just employers but candidates too have to adapt to this new reality.”
Despite the volume of vacancies, it is a competitive jobs market. Employers are asking questions to see how prepared candidates are to step back into the world of work.
“We are getting feedback from our clients about interview questions exploring their readiness to get back into full time jobs especially after being out of work.” McDermott claims that many jobseekers struggle to prove they have made the best use of time on furlough. “We would expect candidates to show they have kept their skills up to date, perhaps even learned something new, a language or become proficient with some IT system, for example.”
The pandemic has brought many consequences to the world of work. First came the furlough and job losses, then came working from home and remote meetings.
“Navigating your way into a new job takes some preparation.” McDermott says. As one of the top interview coaches in the UK, he is well placed to offer advice and as founder of Interview Gold he reviews the key actions to gaining employment.
“For me, the key step is to review your CV, you may have gaps from redundancy or furlough and you will need to explain what you did during this extended break.” While employers appreciate the impact of the pandemic on everybody's career trajectory, they will also be looking for signs that applicants used this time purposefully.
Pre-pandemic employers were already tasked with differentiating between candidates in a face-to-face setting. Now, an added challenge is how to make the right selection when using remote recruitment such as video conferencing software.
“For job hunters, being interviewed on video might feel easier, but it is full of pitfalls.” McDermott advises clients to be aware not only of the dress code but also brush up on the understanding of online etiquette.
“Be very careful about what you show behind you, as these can cause potential distractions for the recruiter. They may focus more on your bookshelf than on your message.” He added.
The latest version of the Interview Gold training package has just gone live for 2022 and McDermott claims it offers users a great way to practice in advance for these difficult video interviews. “One of the features is a webcam recording tool. Record your answer, play back and see how you look and sound.”
In this new realm, job seekers and employers are adapting. Preparing is key and reviews have shown that tools like Interview Gold can make all the difference to those getting back onto the career path.

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