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How To Design A Treasure Map: 9 Tips For Parents Planning A Treasure Hunt For Kids

Press Release: February 08, 2021

Hosting treasure-hunting activities for your kids and their playmates can give them a unique and memorable childhood experience. But for such games to be really exciting and meaningful, wisely designed personalised maps are essential.

In this article, we’ve compiled nine tips to help you out.

Determine the location of the treasure hunt. First and foremost, you have to settle down with a location and define the boundaries of your treasure hunt. For instance, if you’re doing it in a vast space like a community park, in which specific area will the activity take place?

Plan your route. For professionals who provide cartographic service UK, a well-planned route is crucial in making a fun treasure hunt. It should be challenging yet safe; always bear in mind that the players for this game are only kids.

Identify potential clue locations. Apart from the location of the treasure itself, you also have to be clever and strategic when it comes to choosing where you’ll be putting up your clues. For the clues themselves, you have to be creative as well (poetic instructions, anagrams, and word scrambles are popular methods).

Incorporate landmarks that are easy to identify. As mentioned, your players are still children. You have to incorporate landmarks in your maps that are easy to identify. And make sure that the drawings on the map resemble or can be easily associated with the real thing.

Use easy-to-understand symbols and other design elements. From the texts and legends to the icons and arrows, every design element of your map should be easy to comprehend. They should also be easily distinguishable from one another. A map that’s poorly designed can confuse your kids and their playmates.

Make sure your map faces the right direction. A treasure hunt is not complete without a compass. After all, maps and compasses go hand in hand. So to make your map accurate and effective, double-check if it faces the right direction.

Use quality materials. Kids can be quite playful and frisky whenever they participate in a treasure hunt. With this in mind, you have to dole out maps that are of high quality. It will also be better to make your maps water-resistant.

Prepare for the unexpected. So as not to spoil the activity, parents should always prepare for contingencies. For example, print out extra copies of maps or clues in case a player would lose them during the game.

Hire professional cartographic services. If you want to take your treasure-hunting activity notches higher, why not hire a professional cartographic service UK to create a more realistic and accurate map?

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