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Here's What To Look For When Hiring A Bathroom Fitter UK

Press Release: March 24, 2021

Whether you’re constructing a new bathroom or renovating an old one, one thing remains the same — the need for a fitter. bathroom fitters Worthing are tasked to install all aspects of this area, from the showers to the tubs to the sinks, storage solutions, and toilets. Not hiring such professionals — or hiring unqualified ones — can lead to costly mistakes.

If you don’t want to let your money and resources go down the drain, it’s important to know what to look for when hiring people who specialize in bathroom fitting Worthing. Here are eight of them.

Accreditations and experience. Getting accredited by a reliable organisation is one guarantee that a bathroom fitting company meets industry standards. But apart from the accreditations themselves, you should also look into the business’ and their technicians’ experience. How long have they been fitting baths? What are the previous projects they’ve handled? Do they maintain a good reputation?

Documentation of their previous projects. To further validate what bathroom fitters Worthing may claim, it’s best to ask for a portfolio (if it’s not yet available on their website). Look for actual photos of the bathrooms they’ve done and see if the look you want to achieve is included in their catalog of work.

Services offered. Fitting a bathroom involves several processes. It will be best to hire a team whose range of services covers everything you might need for your bathroom fitting needs to save money and time. If not, ask them about the subcontractors or specialists they will outsource. These professionals should all be qualified, insured, and licensed.

Knowledge of building regulations. This is especially crucial if your bathroom project involves electrical work. Your bathroom fitters need to be knowledgeable of what is required by the law to perform such activities. Or else, it can be really headache-inducing to conduct something that’s not allowed by the law, national or local.

Transparency when providing quotations. One indicator of a credible bathroom fitting Worthing company is its ability to provide quotations promptly and transparently. Ideally, you’d need to get multiple quotes (3 to 5) from different businesses so you can better gauge and weigh your options.

A clear payment plan. Of course, it doesn’t only end with providing a quote. A trustworthy bathroom fitting business should also establish a clear payment plan — and every transaction or agreement should be in black and white. To be on the same page is crucial in accomplishing any fitting work.

Recommendations and testimonials. When looking for bathroom fitters, you should do your research. Put in extra effort in finding online reviews and testimonials from previous clients. If you have someone in your circle who has recently hired a bathroom fitter, it will also be better to ask for a recommendation.

Good rapport. Last but definitely not the least, you should consider your rapport with your bathroom fitting team. After all, they’re the ones you’re going to communicate with to achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

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