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Granny Gets a Grip - A one stop shop for the Beatles generation

Press Release: March 09, 2022

If we were to ask you when you’re planning to buy your first independent living aid? How would you answer?  Where would you look and what would you find?  

Granny Gets a Grip - is a new a one-stop shop for the best stylish and practical products – those designed to keep life comfortable and active. 

Granny Gets a Grip is for those of any age who need a level of physical support in and around the house. It is a source of well-designed, functional products that don’t look or feel like they belong in a pound shop or a traditional care home. 

From grab rails to jar openers via heat pads, rollators and walking sticks, we have worked hard to find the best available.  No pink fleece, stretch velour or white plastic here... and no need to let your home look like a hospital! Whether you’re 60 recovering from a hip operation or 80 looking for some physical support, Granny Gets a Grip’s got it.

The current over 65s were teenagers in the 1960s. Ageing has changed; activity holidays, dating apps and festivals have replaced cruises, romantic fiction and the fireside. That said, no-one stays in the prime of life forever – there’s no beating the ageing process, and physical deterioration gets us all in the end.  

We have chosen the best from the mountains of products out there and excluded those that don’t fit the bill. If it’s an adjustable walking stick you need, we’ve done the leg work to save you from the bewildering array. If it’s a wedge cushion to help you sleep at night, we’ve covered them for you in our lovely range of fabrics. Where there was room for improvement have designed our own Granny Gets a Grip solutions  – Booster CushionsMatty Tray, the Swivel Seat and our Oak Hand Rails

Over the years we’ve spent time caring for our parents, while struggling to find the practical things they needed and were happy to have in their houses. We are now getting older ourselves, and felt we could put that experience to good use.  Granny Gets a Grip is the result.

"I've discovered the best website ever called Granny Gets a Grip, which sells tasteful, essential, brilliant wares for the old - and not so old" The Times

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