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Do you know about piezoelectric motors? Join our free webinar May 27th and learn more

Press Release: May 21, 2015

At our free webinar Motor devices on Wednesday May 27th, you will learn about the different piezo motor designs, how they perform and how to select a piezo motor to match your specific requirement.

Advantages of piezo motors
There are many advantages of a piezo motor in comparison to an electromagnetic alternative. In general, a piezo motor is characterized by extremely low inertia, being non-magnetic and having high torque. Noliac’s unique piezo motor, the Piezo Actuator Drive (PAD), has these advantages as well as a high position accuracy, no gearbox required and a number of other advantages.

1.5 hours free introduction online
The webinar is held by experienced engineers from Noliac giving you in-depth knowledge of piezo motors and the possibilities of the technology. The webinar is live, and with a chat function, you can pose questions along the way.

Sign up now!
There is a limit of 25 participants for each webinar, so sign up now on www.noliac.com!

You will receive a link to the webinar, when you sign up. The webinar takes place on May 27th at 3 pm (Copenhagen time).

Want to learn more about piezo motors before the webinar?
We have a tutorial about Noliac's own piezo motor, the Piezo Actuator Drive (PAD). Here, you will learn the basic principles of operation of the PAD. Also, the tutorial describes the static as well as the dynamic performance of the PAD.

You can find the tutorial about our PAD on www.noliac.com/Tutorials

You can see specifications and a list of the advantages of the PAD on www.noliac.com/Products

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