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Demand for monitored house alarms grows in the UK

Press Release: May 19, 2015

Monitored alarms have been the standard choice for many homeowners across the world; accept within the UK, where the preferred choice was, until recently, the traditional ‘bells only’ house alarm.

Now however, the traditional bells only house alarm is becoming a thing of the past thanks to new advances in technology and the changing attitudes of homeowners, who are wanting to become more pro-active when it comes to protecting their loved-ones and their property.

The trend for monitored house alarms is widely associated with ADT, but there are a few smaller UK-based alarm companies that have developed their own range of monitored burglar alarms.

According to Tony Carney, head of engineering and development at Securahomes, monitored burglar alarms have become out dated. “Homeowners want an alarm system that offers more than just basic monitored protection from burglars. They want a system that can also monitor for smoke and carbon monoxide at the same, whilst also providing additional monitored services, such as personal panic and medical assistance.”

Advances in new technology has led to more sophisticated alarm systems being developed, evolving the humble bells only house alarm into a complete homecare system, providing a number of solutions into one easy-to-install system that works around-the-clock to provide protection for both loved ones and valuables.

UK alarm companies like Securahomes are positioning themselves as forerunners in the development of cutting edge alarm technology, designing next generation homecare systems that incorporate the very latest in wireless innovation.

Pro-tect Wireless Alarms, which is part of the Securahomes family has pushed the boundaries of homecare alarms even further with their range of wireless, self install homecare systems that can take less than 30 minutes to install because of their plug-and-play design. Currently Pro-tect Wireless Alarms has four wireless alarm systems: HomeAlert, HomeAssist, HomeAlone and StudentAlert, each one designed to provide maximum protection for different user needs, including personal protection and intruder alarm monitoring.

Speaking about the development of the self-install wireless alarm range, Howard Mann, operations manager at Pro-tect Wireless Alarms, states: “Each system incorporates the very latest in wireless innovation in order to provide the very maximum in homecare and personal protection.

“Each system can be extended with additional wireless devices to offer a bespoke homecare alarm system that is individual to the user. You need don't need any DIY experience to stall any of our systems, although full support is there should you require assistance.”

Monitored alarms, like those offered by Securahomes and Pro-tect Wireless Alarms offer a number of benefits not found with a traditional bells only system; homeowners using a monitored alarm get around-the-clock protection – day or night, and in the event of an alarm being triggered a security officer working from a UK-based monitoring station will respond within seconds, alerting you or the emergency services.

There has been and always will be an on-going struggle between resourceful criminals and inventive technology companies, but thanks to the changing attitudes of homeowners, advances in homecare alarm technology will continue to develop and evolve, helping the homeowner to stay one step ahead, or at the vary least giving them a technology advantage.

For more help and advice on protecting your property contact your local Crime Prevention Officer. For further information on homecare alarms contact Securahomes on Tel: 01274 631001 or email: [email protected] You can also visit the Pro-tect Wireless Alarms website: pro-tectalarms.co.uk for full product information. Or follow both companies on social media: Securahomes on Twitter, Google+ and on Facebook.

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