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Delta Sun – ‘The Lies we tell Ourselves & Others’

Press Release: June 24, 2022

Out now on Indie label Not Saints, Delta Sun’s new release ‘The Lies we tell Ourselves and Others’ is an energetically crafted collection of alt-rock romps that proves the genre is alive and kicking. Having already begun making a name for themselves around the London circuit, Delta Sun’s new EP is sure to see the bands fanbase explode over the coming months. 

Setting the tone for ‘The Lies we tell Ourselves and Others’ is lead track ‘Giving Up’, from the first few bars there’s a sense that Delta Sun are a band that have been there, done that, and that no topic is off the table as they roar and bounce through songs about addiction, heartbreak, broken society, relationships, and the power of music.

Talking about the new release, frontman Deiphos Jay said:

“This EP is a personal journey through the last four years, it’s a reminder that we’re on the road that we walk as observers. We’re learning from mistakes, growing from pain, unable to change what happens on the side of the road as we walk by. Ultimately we realise that we are here to enjoy the journey , the experience , the good and the bad.”

If 'Giving Up' sets the tone for the bands inspiration lyrically, tracks 'Flying F*cks' and 'These Chains' show that Delta Sun can pack a huge punch and add a sonic weight that is almost tangible. The perfect foil for these two powerhouse tracks are Dub/Rock fusion song ‘Behind These Eyes’ and grungy gen-Xer ‘Drop The Rock’ that ebb and flow with dynamic changes that simmer and boil in equal measures. Rounding out ‘The Lies we tell Ourselves and Others’ is the shamelessly high energy ‘When The Music Stops’ which brings the whole record to a bouncing, grinning, grinding conclusion.

For fans of alternative music ‘The Lies we tell Ourselves and Others’ is a perfect introduction to a band that know their craft. Simply built rock songs that roar and whisper and give the listener something that’s relatable and packed with energy. A rock record in its truest form.

‘The Lies we tell Ourselves and Others’ is out now on Not Saints and is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, and Deezer.

Spotify tracks: https://open.spotify.com/album/6LHNye5dbKj6GP96Aoiozp?si=1qQTK-NcTL-0NAA1EHTsgA

Itunes: https://music.apple.com/gb/album/the-lies-we-tell-ourselves-and-others-ep/1626854931?at=1001lbRT&ct=1220138&uo=4&app=itunes

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