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AlgoClear: The UK’s leading surface cleaning brand set for its biggest year yet!

Press Release: March 30, 2022

The AlgoClear Cleaning Process is a safe, economical and sustainable method of surface cleaning that has made the AlgoClear brand a true market leader

Large numbers of companies within the property sector are turning towards the same brand for safe, economical and sustainable cleaning solutions in 2022: This is AlgoClear.

AlgoClear is the most popular cleaning choice among modern architects, building surveyors, property managers, sports clubs and housing associations alike having developed an unrivalled industry reputation for results.

As the market leader in property maintenance and cleaning, AlgoClear is now forecasting one of its busiest years on record. 2022 requests are set to increase from 2021 which was another remarkable year, providing enough product to clean 4.8 million m2 of hard surfaces in the UK and Ireland. 

Being high quality and health-conscious, the AlgoClear Cleaning Process uses precise amounts of biocide to remove stains and fix damage on properties, with all solutions simple and easy to apply.

The cleaning method ensures the removal of surface contaminants such as lichen, bacteria, algae and other microorganisms, as well as the clearance of other elements such as pigments, metallic oxides, ground browning and tanin. The AlgoClear Cleaning Process also eliminates stains caused by soot, air, pollutants and ghost marks – completely restoring and transforming the aesthetic appearance of a building.

Francois Moal set up the parent company Thames Valley Specialist Product Ltd in 1999 and introduces the product AlgoClear to the UK and Ireland through two national distributors. Both ProGreen Weed Control Solutions Ltd located in Lincolnshire and Cropcare Amenity Ltd located in Co Wicklow spearhead the best roofing and surface cleaning processes nationwide  

Francois stated 

“The company is moving from strength to strength.

"We are only in March and the season has started strongly already. We have been building our brand and reputation for the past decade and this will be another growth year for us.

"Architects, building surveyors and property managers can all take advantage of the AlgoClear Cleaning Process and enjoy excellent results.

"We specialise in a pure, high quality approach which is being recognised as the best in the industry.”

Learn more about the AlgoClear Cleaning Process and how to implement the technique by visiting the brand’s official website.

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