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Agriculture made with VIRTUE - A New Endeavour by the Nordic Empire.

Press Release: March 26, 2021

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” As the quote says, people don’t end the race when they reach their destination of success. We always intend to get better or reach new heights. The same goes for the VIRTUE Group. Over 10 years ago they have launched the world-famous Super Network & VIRTUE Clan, which today is the umbrella and foundation for their sister companies and projects.

The increase and demand for our daily needs never end. Everyone says that there are two important
days in life, the day when you are born, and the day when you find the reason for it. This not only suits
an individual but also for a Company or Organization. VIRTUE Clan has been described by multiple
sources as a full-service premium network, ecosystem, media-house, and intelligence agency focused
on international relations and brand development in multiple countries. Today we are convinced that the VIRTUE group is not willing to stop there as they are now embarking on a new journey with their latest sister company - VIRTUEFix.com.

After almost eight years of uninterrupted growth, Norway’s housing market is now stabilizing. The
inflation-adjusted nationwide house price index rose slightly by 0.69% during the year to Q3 2019, after a y-o-y decline of 0.45% in Q2 2019, a growth of 0.04% in Q1 2019, and annual falls of 1.05% in Q4 2018 and 0.32% in Q3 2018. (Source: GlobalPropertyGuide)

VIRTUEFix is a company based out of Norway, manufactured with a b2b model in mind and they
believe today is the perfect time to invest in the agriculture industry. The collective is focusing on the; i.e, the Corporate Market offering fundamental services like Housing & RE Services, Corporate and Private Transport Services across Northern and Central Europe, Maintenance & Storage Services: Home & Workspace Maintenance, Outdoor Home Maintenance, Tailored Storage Services, Power Washing
Services, Fire & Floor Protection, Garage Maintenance, and Dryer Vent Cleaning; and Development &
Construction services.

VIRTUEFix is an innovative company fulfilling its obligations with a documented team of highly qualified and experienced specialists providing a variety of services. The company will mainly serve the corporate market, but the workers state that their transport services would extend to VIP services with celebrity transport services across Europe by early 2022.

“After two years of planning this launch, we are finally ready to share “VIRTUEFix“ with the rest of the
world. The company will focus on supplying corporate and private services to our Northern and Central
Europe clients. Services ranging from real estate development, housing, maintenance, and transport.
The entity itself consists of a trinity of carefully picked out organisations all coming together under one
umbrella brand, The VIRTUEFix. This will allow us to supply our clients in over ten different industries
and help us widen our reach and network within new and exciting areas. VIRTUEFix is about to be
officially launched on the 11th of April 2021.”

With the explicit aim of investigating alternative vehicle technologies to reduce the environmental impact of transport, the (TOSCA 2011) study conducted transport demand projections for passengers and freight up to 2050, for the EU27. Like TransVision (2009), the TOSCA (2011) study also used the
TRANS-TOOLS modelling tool and assumed three scenarios: a) a reference/baseline scenario (with the
continuation of the existing socio-economic trends); b) a challenging scenario (with economic prosperity resulting in higher emission reduction targets); and c) a favourable scenario (with a period of economic vulnerability resulting in a reduction in emission targets). This is a market that is ever-changing and we are looking forward to seeing a new generation joining the world of agriculture and what it can bring for the future of the world.

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