Home A new research paper explores the various philosophical arguments against slavery using libertarian logic.

A new research paper explores the various philosophical arguments against slavery using libertarian logic.

Press Release: January 27, 2021

Jacob J. Khan's Justice class paper explores libertarians' arguments for and against slavery.  Jacob's in-depth analysis of the philosophical arguments reveals that all forms of slavery are unethical based on librarian logic.

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Jacob J. Khan is a graduate student at Harvard University studying Management and leadership. Jacob is a member of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston and the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs. Jacob has an interest in leadership and Management. During the regular semester, Jacob Khan works as an Equity Research Analyst at Harvard Business School. Jacob is also the Senior Investment Research Analyst at the Harvard Financial Analyst Club. Jacob Khan has also participated in the JPMorgan Chase investment banking virtual experience, Citi Investment banking, APAC Virtual Experience, and Goldman Sachs Engineering virtual experience in 2020.

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