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50 years of Preservation Treatments

Press Release: March 14, 2022

Preservation Treatments was established in 1972 by Charles Winter-Evans. This year, the Preservation Treatments team celebrates 50 years of expertise in Damp-Proofing, Structural, Waterproofing, Condensation Solutions, Structural Repairs and Timber Treatments.

Preservation Treatments was established when the preservation industry was in its infancy. Not long after that, Charles was joined by Keith Corridon, who already had a wealth of experience and became the Company’s Technical Director. Both Directors retired in 2009, but stayed available during the handover to the new owner, Malcolm Thornton.

Celebrating 50 years of success, the company is also celebrating the journey to achieving this success. Customer Service is key. It is essential to the company that every existing and new client is valued. This means every potential contract, large or small, is given equal importance. The company’s dedication to providing high levels of customer service, combined with their depth and range of knowledge, mark the cornerstones of their continued success. This commitment has kept their earliest clients working with them to this day.

Preservation Treatments work has not gone unnoticed. For their outstanding work over half a century, they are an award winning member of the Property Care Association. It couldn’t be done without the persistence of the whole team. Some staff have been with the company for over 20 years, and many Surveyors have also been Technicians, Plasterers and Carpenters.

Julie Cassar is one of these long-term members of staff,

It was in the early 1990’s that I joined the company as Contracts Manager and thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of the work and the responsibility for liaison with so many different client types. I left the Company in 1994 to start a family. However, after being called a number of times over the next 3-4 years by Charles and Keith, I eventually returned to the Company in 2000.”

This really is a very special moment for me personally; having worked closely with our two original Directors, Charles and Keith, and subsequently with our new Director, Malcolm Thornton, over such a long period, to ensure Preservation Treatments continues to deliver a consistent and high standard of service to every customer and continues to grow.”

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