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1ATH.Studio Brings Innovation to the NFT Market (IggyBoy Whitelist)

Press Release: February 11, 2022

In 2021 the concept of the metaverse experienced a solid rise in popularity especially following social media platform Facebook’s highly publicized rebrand to Meta and the ensuing unveiling of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s intention to explore metaverse functionality.

Throughout the year and perhaps even more since then there have been a ton of developments concerning the space, individuals all over the world are actively delving into the metaverse but before we take a look at one rather innovative project, let’s consider exactly what the metaverse is;
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What is the Metaverse?

At the moment, the idea of the metaverse has only been able to walk a little distance away from the idea phase, while the world hasn't advanced enough to fully embrace what the concept would mean, we have been able to glimpse small fragments of the concept.

The metaverse can be referred to as an evolution of the internet which with the use of virtual and augmented reality merges the physical and digital worlds. The metaverse cannot be neatly defined as there are many ways in which the idea can and has been actualized.

1ATH.Studio Makes It Metaverse Debut

With the release of its imminent metaverse platform vUniversum, One All-Time High Studio is set to revolutionize at least 3 varying sectors redefining just what it means for one space to overlap with the other. To begin with, the development company leverages the existent structure for entertainment sector, incorporating the concept into what the company refers to as a “vUniversum” metaverse for individuals in the NFT niche  and what the 1ATH.Studio plans to use to tie it all together is its upcoming project, IggyBoy, a collection of utility non-fungible tokens.

How 1ATH.Studio Presents Utility NFTs

Although they have been on the scene for quite some time, NFTs only began to experience mainstream adoption at the start of 2021 following a number of rather massive sales. Initially, these tokens appeared as nothing more than an emerging art form with critics even claiming that the phenomenon was a bubble.

Fast-forward one year and these assets have found pivotal positions in nearly every sector with new use cases being uncovered nearly daily and at the moment, one could even describe non-fungible tokens as inextricably linked with the metaverse. With this view of non-fungible tokens in mind, the team behind 1ATH.Studio designed and is finally set to introduce IggyBoy, a unique collection of 10,000 3D hand-crafted non-fungible tokens.

The tokens which are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain will be available for minting in under 1 month, they were hand-drawn by the company’s talented team of artists to ensure each NFT would provide the owner with an unrivaled level of quality and finesse. 

How 1ATH.Studio gets creative with its utility NFTs is that each IggyBoy, of which there are 10,376 with varying features, factors into the company’s soon-to-be-released metaverse. The collection contains 5000 IggyBoy NFTs and 5000 IggyBoy Mutants which function as a part of the metaverse, the remaining 376 are split equally into IggyBoy Bastards and IggyBoy Mutant Bastards to be used as rewards in promotional giveaways respectively.

Additionally, with its entertainment-centered projects including the metaverse, One All-Time High Studio intends to provide users with product offerings that revolve around entertainment products as well as networking opportunities for NFT enthusiasts. Once more the IggyBoy NFT collection comes into play as it grants holders exclusive access to the vUniversum, additional privileges, and benefits such as the right to purchase land in the metaverse platform at a discounted price.

With IggyBoy NFTs holders can also gain premium access to later ventures by 1ATH.Studio, this has already been set in motion as soon after the launch of its first collection, the company will release 2 more namely IggyLady and Symbiosis NFTs. IggyBoy holders who acquire an IggyLady will get a free airdrop of a Symbiosis token and with all 3 NFTs, vUniversum’s doors are essentially thrown open for the holder.

Those interested in learning more about the various ways this utility NFT is expected to grow may visit the official websites: https://1ath.studio/ and https://iggyboy.1ath.studio/
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