Press release writing and how to do it effectively

Scores of press releases are added to distribution platforms every day, and many of them will be from companies based in your industry. This is why it’s so important to be distinctive and produce a genuinely valuable and informative press release if you want yours to achieve the right outcome and be noticed by journalists. Let’s take a look at some of the most important steps you need to take if you want to pen an effective press release that delivers media coverage and wins exposure for your brand. 

Why would a company want to issue a press release?

Writing an interesting press release can help you win the attention of journalists and get your brand seen in the media. A press release is a document that you share with journalists and other influential media figures in the hope of your brand receiving media coverage. The information in the press release can be used to create an article if it is interesting and relevant enough for the media outlet’s readers. Your press releases can get you coverage in newspapers, magazines, on influential news sites, on the television and on the radio. So how do you write a good one that will help you achieve your targets? 

What needs to be included in a press release?

Your press release should begin with an attention-grabbing headline. If it doesn’t have one of these, it’s unlikely to even be read by the journalists that you are targeting. This should be short but powerful. You also need to include your location and a strong lead that offers extra information about what you’ve touched upon in the headline. The body of your copy should begin with the most important information you wish to convey. It’s wise to avoid going over the 500-word mark when penning a press release as most journalists won’t have time to read more than this. You’ll need to include a boilerplate at the bottom that gives a short description of your company as well as the contact details of someone the reporter can contact if they do want to do something with your press release. 

What should I write about in my press release?

The things you are talking about in your press release need to be of interest to the readers you’re targeting. The press release should be as newsworthy as possible. If a journalist can’t turn your press release into an interesting news story, they will simply look elsewhere for something to cover. Your press release also has more chance of being picked up by a reporter if it’s laid out in a format that they normally encounter when reading these documents. Use a common font like Times New Roman or Arial rather than anything outlandish when formatting your press release. 

Other benefits of writing a press release

A quality press release can help you build strong relationships with journalists, making it more likely that they will contact you if they need a story in future. Another big benefit of sending out a press release is that it can boost your search performance. As your site will be linked to if a popular news website is covering your story, this will send a signal to Google and others that it is a credible one. Simply featuring on a popular site or other media outlet can work wonders for your image and convince customers that your brand is worth doing business with. 

Can I get help with writing a press release?

Yes, help is available if you want to write a press release that stands a good chance of generating media coverage. Perhaps you have already written your press release and it’s good to go? Maybe you are relatively happy with something you have created but think it requires fine-tuning by a professional writer? It may be the case that you know what you want to talk about, but you need a professional to start from scratch to make your copy as appealing as possible. Whatever the situation, we can help if you need assistance with writing, editing or distributing a press release. At PR Fire, we can get the distribution process underway within just a few hours of your press release being completed. 

Get the message out there

We will send your press release to journalists based in your chosen niches and include it on our own news portal and social media sites. Within days of your article being distributed, you’ll receive a report that tells you how it fared. Talk to us today to find out more about press release writing and distribution.