Why you may need a digital PR agency

A digital PR agency may be able to help you and your business in a host of ways. Digital PR agencies tend to have vast experience in helping companies to boost their online profile and therefore attract more attention to their products and sales. 

More and more companies are looking to digital PR agencies to boost their search profiles. Search engine optimisation is all about deploying a range of strategies to help companies rankly highly in online search results.

What can a digital PR agency do for me?

An experienced digital PR agency should be able to improve your site’s search traffic substantially. Once you start receiving more online exposure, you have a greater chance of seeing a big upturn in sales. Many digital PR agencies are using press releases to boost their clients’ presence online. A quality press release can help you gain a huge number of backlinks from quality sites. 

What else do digital PR specialists offer? 

When a digital PR professional isn’t generating backlinks to your site, they can use a range of other techniques to help you gain online publicity. These can include helping you earn genuine positive reviews, responding to your customers on social media on your behalf and creating informative, valuable content for you that establishes you as an expert in your field. A digital PR expert can ensure you’re visible in the spaces where your customers are, such as their favourite social media platforms and other websites. 

Digital PR for local SEO

If you’re targeting customers in a specific area, a digital PR company can help with this. They can do this by creating press releases targeted at media outlets that cover your local area. Your stories may then feature on newspaper websites, social media feeds and popular blogs. A quality digital PR company can help you generate a real buzz amongst potential customers in the area that you are targeting. 

What is the difference between digital and traditional PR?

In the past, PR largely focussed on targeting print publications. However, digital PR is mainly centred upon boosting brand awareness online. As people are spending much more time reading news online than sourcing it via print media, it makes perfect sense to use a leading digital PR agency if you want to reach the right people.

Can digital PR help me build strong relationships with journalists?

Journalists are constantly looking for exciting stories that they suspect their readers will be interested in. Once you have provided a journalist with an engaging story that went down well with their readers, you are likely to remain on their radar. This makes it likely that they will come to you in the future when they need a story. Once you have started featuring in the media prominently, you can win the trust of more customers. Potential investors are also more likely to be interested when you have a strong online presence. 

Multi-channel exposure 

One of the best ways to get people talking about your brand and buying your products and services is to be visible across various channels. Once your press release is transformed into a story by a credible journalist, there’s always a chance your brand could be featured on the TV and radio too. If your industry has plenty of competitors, it’s important to do all you can to stand out from them. Building visibility across multiple channels is a fantastic way to do this and something a reputable digital agency can assist you with.

What can I cover in a press release distributed by a digital agency?

You can use your press release to announce all kinds of exciting news and developments. It’s common for brands to talk about new acquisitions and achievements, events and product launches in their press releases.

PR Fire is a leading digital agency that can help you create exposure

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