Business Press Release Distribution

No matter how exciting, newsworthy and well-written your press release is, it’s not going to have any impact if you don’t take steps to get it out to the right journalists and other media professionals. Thankfully, there are highly effective services out there that can distribute your press release for you and optimise the chance of your story gaining media coverage. This kind of coverage can help you win new customers, build credibility for your brand and enhance your reputation. Let’s take a look at why business press release distribution services are worth paying for right now.

Are press releases still relevant?

Many people wonder if press releases are still relevant in an age where small-to-medium companies can drum up so much attention on social media. The answer is yes. Press releases remain highly effective in helping companies win attention from people who may have never otherwise come across their products and services. Press releases can be highly effective in helping you generate media attention. They can get your brand into newspapers, magazines, on influential websites and on the radio and TV. It’s likely that many of your competitors aren’t investing in press releases. This means that you can gain a real edge over them by distributing interesting, engaging press releases that create a buzz around your brand.

Win the media’s attention with an exciting, newsworthy press release

It can be very hard to win the attention of the media, even when you’re only targeting local journalists. Professionals working in this field are rarely stuck for things to write about, so it’s important to target them with news that is genuinely noteworthy and interesting to their readers. Journalists only tend to look at press releases distributed by leading companies such as PR Fire. It’s incredibly important to get your press release on one of the most important and popular distribution platforms if it is to be picked up by the writers you’re targeting.

Can business press release distribution help with SEO?

Yes. Getting backlinks from influential sites can have a remarkable impact on your SEO. This is because it sends a signal to the search engines that your site is a credible, recognised one. News sites tend to have a great deal of authority and have spent years winning the trust of search giants like Google. Creating quality backlinks can be very challenging for SMEs, but a link on an influential news site can be highly beneficial when it comes to building authority and driving traffic to your site.

How to avoid being penalised when distributing press releases

Some companies presume it’s a good idea to get as many press releases on as many platforms as possible. This will be regarded as spam and is only likely to get you penalised. At PR Fire, we ensure your press release is only placed on quality platforms that are relevant to your business. We can also work closely alongside you on the press release itself to ensure it’s likely to be of interest to the journalists and media outlets you want to attract.

How long does my press release need to be?

It’s important to be as concise as possible when you’re penning a press release. Most journalists simply don’t have time to read exceptionally lengthy press releases, so it’s unwise to post unnecessarily long content just because Google tends to reward lengthier articles in other contexts.

Do press releases have any other positive effects?

Another great reason for penning and distributing a press release is that the stories generated by them are likely to be shared on social media if they are interesting enough. This creates more exposure for your brand and gets you noticed by more members of the public who may well become customers before long. Once you have started building positive relationships with influential writers, they may come back to you for more news about your company, which will mean more valuable media coverage in the future.

PR Fire is a leading business press release distributor

Our business press release distribution service is so effective and easy to use. Once you have uploaded your content, you can select your publishing categories to help us get your content in the right place. We can also help you perfect the content itself, either rewriting it or creating it from scratch if required. The distribution process can get underway within just hours of us receiving your content. A few days after we have submitted your press release, we’ll send you a report so you can see how successful your campaign has been. Why not get in touch today to find out more?